Next 2022 Brantford Slow Roll is on Tuesday 28 June 6:45pm.  Meet at Dairy Queen, 930 Colborne Street EAST, back parking lot, in ECHO PLACE.

What is a Slow Roll?

                                                                                    A typical Detroit Slow Roll

My first experience with a Slow Roll was listening to one of the founders of the Detroit Slow Roll talk about it.

“In 2010 Jason and Mike thought it would be cool to do a leisurely bike ride for all age groups through a different neighbourhood every week. What started with two people and a few friends has turned into a ride of hundreds and then thousands of people exploring neighbourhoods they might not have ever been through.”


Downtown Slow Roll           Eagle Place Slow Roll                 Grand River Loop Slow Roll

I thought this was an awesome idea we started doing it in Brantford in 2021. This year it starts on Tuesday 07 June and will be every Tuesday night.

Each week, we will explore a different neighbourhood in Brantford and Brant County. I hope you’ll join us! Bring your bike and your friends. Please be sure your bike is ready to ride.

Happy trails!

These are easy rides, a slow roll. Ride routes are subject to change.

This event is sponsored by TL Liquidation. Register through. Eventbrite and your registration will be a ballot for an end of season draw to win an awesome prize from!

Sign up here.

    The winner of TK LIquidation’s iGo Electric Bike draw for 2021 is Marty B. He attended the most Slow Rolls of all participants in 2021.  Fun to chat with and always happy to help when asked, we appreciate Marty’s presence on each ride, Congratulations Marty!

    2022 SCHEDULE

    Fri 07 May – Holmedale – We are pleased to start this year’s Brantford Slow Roll as part of Jane’s Walk.

    Tuesday 07 June – Holmedale – meet at 120 Morrell Street

    Tue 14 June – Holmedale 2 – meet at 120 Morrell Street

    Tue 21 June – Eagle Place – Meeting at Sammy’s Creamery, 75 Erie Avenue.

    Tue 28 June – Echo Place – Meeting place Dairy Queen, 930 Colborne Street EAST, back of parking lot.

    Tue 05 July – Shellard Lane – Meeting at Apna Meats parking lot, 360 Conklin Road.

    Tue 12 July – Mayfair – Meeting place TBA

    Tue 19 July – Downtown – Meeting place Old City Hall parking lot, 100 Wellington Square.

    Tue 26 July – East Ward – Meeting place TBA

    Tue 02 Aug – Brier Park – Meeting place TBA

    Tue 09 Aug – Kinnard – Meeting at Tim Horton’s

    Tue 16 Aug – Henderson – Meeting at playground area, Devon Down park.

    Tue 23 Aug – Greenbrier & North Fairview – Meeting place TBA

    Tue 30 Aug – Brier Park & Lynden Hills – Meeting place TBA

    Tue 05 Sep – Holmedale – our parking lot, 120 Morrell Street

    September & October schedule to follow.

    Jason and Mike have registration and a waiver for their bike ride so we do too. To help us start the ride on time, please complete this on-line registration and event waiver before coming to the ride. Each time you register for a ride, your name will be entered into a draw sponsored by TK Liquidation for an iGo e-bike. Thank you!

    This event is free to the public as Heron Head Bikes pays the insurance for the event. The insurance company requires all riders to register so we know who you are in case of an emergency. Like many things in life, riding your bike does involved some risk. You are responsible for your bike and yourself. It’s going to be great.