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  • Pre-Owned & Vintage Bikes

    HOWLER – Kona – used

    The Kona Howler is a full-suspension mountain bike with an aluminum Kona Clump/Fox Vanilla R frame.  It had two years of production: 2006 and 2007.

    $707.96 + HST = $800.00

  • Pre-Owned & Vintage Bikes

    XC29 – Northrock – used

    “The Northrock XC29 inspires an extraordinary ride. All-aluminum lightweight frame delivers stiffness and durability, while 73.6 cm × 5.6 cm (29 in. × 2.2 in.) Maxxis tires devour obstacles and improve control delivering a smoother, faster climb and an easier descent. Shimano Altus drivetrain with 21 speeds and Shimano crank work together for high performance precision shifting and maximum durability. …

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    Pre-Owned & Vintage Bikes

    XCW – Northrock – used

    All-aluminum lightweight press formed frame boasts a unique geometry, bringing together both performance and function for versatile on-and off-road riding. Northrock XCW is the ultimate crossover bike. The unique frame geometry is coupled by expertly blended premium components to deliver performance, function and style. Complementing the drivetrain is a KMC durable chain and Shimano crank for precision and performance. Northrock …

  • Pre-Owned & Vintage Bikes

    PINE MOUNTAIN – Marin – Vintage

    First generation Pine Mountain!

    Introduced in 1993 with a rigid front fork, a front shock was added in 1996.

    Great bike with lots of potential!

    $442.48 + HST = $500.00

    $442.48 + HST = $500.00

  • Pre-Owned & Vintage Bikes

    PEPSI – Fila – Vintage (1996)

    No Coke, just PEPSI!

    21.5″ frame = rider approx 6’0″ to 6’4″

    From a 1996 promotion, this bike has 18 speeds controlled with thumb shifters. We’ve put new tires and tubes on the bike. Tires are mountain biking but will gladly switch for city riding before you  pick it up if you prefer.

  • BIKES , Cruisers

    CANADIANA – Columbia – used

    $265.49 + HST = $300

    This single speed bike was purchased but barely used for one summer.

  • Pre-Owned & Vintage Bikes

    MARLIN – Gary Fisher – Used (1998)

    Attention Gary Fisher fans!!!

    We re-built this bike and have a couple of minor adjustments to make still but it’s is ready for a test ride!

    Built from 1995 to 2010, there are 18 versions of the Marlin. This is an early Marlin, either the first year of production (1995, blue) or forth year (1998, ballistic blue) which is my vote, so …

  • Pre-Owned & Vintage Bikes

    CLUB UO5 – Peugeot – vintage

    This is the first Peugeot model to be produced in Canada.

    New inner tubes.  Handle bars have been changed to a slightly larger width than shown in photo. This allows more comfortable handling.  Great for around town or, with winter coming, on a trainer.

    $221.24 + $28.76 HST = $250

  • Pre-Owned & Vintage Bikes

    ROGUE – Supercycle- used

    This full suspension bike has 26″ tires and 18 speeds.  Perfect for someone that is thinking about getting into mountain biking or that wants to see what full suspension is like.

    $176.99 + HST = $200.00

    Like all our new and used bikes, this bike comes with 5 years of basic tune-ups included.

  • Pre-Owned & Vintage Bikes

    Super Cycle – used

    Bicycle shown outside is not ours. Ours has folding steel carriers on the rear of the bike as shown in gallery photo (which is our bike).

  • BIKES , Pre-Owned & Vintage Bikes

    Supercycle – vintage

    Awesome vintage step through Supercycle!

    New tires and new tubes.