MATTERHORN – Raleigh – Vintage


From the serial number I can tell this 18 speed bike was made in Canada between 1973 – 1982 and looks nothing like the recent Matterhorns.

This bike has original tyres although not the original front rim. I don’t think the seat is original either but I’m pretty sure we have a Brooks saddle in the back that will look awesome on this.

Raleigh Bicycle is one of the oldest names in cycling. At one time, it was the world’s largest bicycle maker. Founded in 1887 in Nottingham, England, the Raleigh brand defined quality and performance. For the British, it was a symbol of national pride. Raleigh bikes were so popular that in 1973, Raleigh Canada stopped importing the bikes from Britain and opened a manufacturing plant in Canada, in Waterloo, Que.



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