First, if you’re going to the beach, you need to know how to swim. If you are under 110 years old & don’t know how to swim, click here

Heron Heads Beach Outfitters is a company of beach bums offering free information about Great Lake beaches and communities.  Yes, there are great beaches  and events all over the world but we’re focused on the ones around the Great Lakes. That’s one of the things that makes us Heron Heads. If you are are one of the 30 million residents that live in the Great Lakes watershed, you could be a Heron Head too.

We’re all about keeping an eye on the weather and, when the sun is upon us, getting some gravel in our travel by heading to that sandy heaven known as The Beach. Whether looking for fun and adventure or relaxation, they’re both better with sand, water and sun.

If you’re looking to do some Beach playing, eating, swimming, napping, tanning, reading or any other decent time-wasting but have any questions, ask us.  We know how to goof off.