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We guarantee fast service no matter how long it takes.

Stan is a certified by Winterbourne Bicycle Institute as bicycle mechanic. Winterbourne is one of only a few bicycle mechanic schools in Canada. When there, the other students were from around Ontario, Nova Scotia and Michigan.

We have two other Winterbourne graduates wrenching with us and a mechanic that has been fixing bikes on his own for a few years. 

Our goal is to have your bike back in 1 – 3 days depending on work required, availability of parts (if required) and if Murphy makes an appearance or not.

If you have a flat, we can usually take care of that quickly if you drop by but anything else will take a little longer and an appointment.

Here is a partial list of our services.

FLAT TIRES CHANGED $25 - $35 Based on tube size & valve (Schrader or Presta)

- New tube, Check tire for wear & protrusions, Install new tube, Fill to correct PSI*


1 – Check headset with customer

2 – Check crank with customer

3 – Tire check, fill tires to correct PSI*

4 – Bike wipe down

5 – Oil everything - pivot points - brake posts, 

- derailleurs - all 

- chain, link by link, and check for any potential issues: ie link coming away from pin

- pedals if possible

6 – Check cables - frayed? Cap it

- slack? Tighten it

7 – Check brake tension & shoes, turn barrel adjusters

8 – Check gears for smooth & complete shifting

9 - Tire check – confirm PSI *


Basic Tune-up plus: wheels removed and trued


Mostly Full Tune-up plus: remove chain and derailleurs, clean in ultra-sonic cleaner, install and lube chain and derailleurs


Full Tune-up plus: Cable & housing replacement for shifter(s) and brakes, .Replace inner tubes or provide two boxed tubes when bike picked up.


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