About Us

Heronhead Bikes was started from a love of bicycles, community and wanting to help people in Brantford ride their bikes more.

Like many people, my bike increased my world as a kid from what I could walk to to what I could ride to. From there it became just transpiration; to school at first, then work, until I turned 16. Then my bicycle disappeared for a few years, quite a few years in fact. When it returned, it was to replace another sport and it returned as mountain biking. Now I'm also enjoying exploring neighbourhoods or riding the Loop on a vintage bike or a hybrid.

An opportunity to be involved in a bike shop came in late 2019 and in May 2021, we opened our temporary shop on Grand River Avenue. Once a zoning amendment was approved, we opened at 120 Morrell Street (built as an auto mechanic shop) in October. On our second day we hosted Kim Clark as part of the Holmedale Art Crawl and welcomed lots of art crawl folks. It was pretty cool.

It's been quite an interesting learning curve since starting this adventure in 2018.

The more I learn about bicycles, the more I think everyone should get one when they are five years old. To young riders, they offer self-confidence and freedom. Both are so important to growing up. To adults, they offer easy exercise, a chance to be a kid again and, best of all, they are cheaper to run than a vehicle for short distance trips.

Once a rider learns how to use a bicycle, learning how to fix it is also important. Learning how to change a tire, align your gears and use tools are problem solving skills that will help everyone through life.

All of that is nice but the real magic of bicycles is that they are fun to ride. We're here to help you enjoy the ride.


  • Brantford Armories

  • River Road, Eagle Place

  • Light The Night / GLOW RIDE - Wilkes Dam